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Titling & Registration for Dealers

Our solution eliminates the hassle of out of state titling and registration requests, for all 50 states, and allows your title service clerks to focus on more important tasks than chasing paperwork and sitting on the phone with the DMV.

Our Dealer-focused Solution

As a growing number of car shoppers move online, dealers need a solution that lets them quickly process registration and title transactions without having to master the unique requirements and business rules of each state’s DMV.  Hermes removes the burden of having to navigate unfamiliar jurisdictions and processes in order to capitalize on this growing market segment.

Title & Registration

If an out-of-state buyer asks about potential fees or seeks to fully title and register their vehicle, we provide an itemized and state-specific invoice listing all taxes and fees.

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State & County DMV Forms

All state, county and city DMV forms are provided including ability to upload buyer docs in an easy to use checklist that eliminates delays at the DMV.

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Available F&I Interface

Quickly and easily integrate to your DMS to remove need to re-key customer and vehicle info, eliminating delays at the DMV.

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Dealer Dashboard

Provides up-to-the-minute status eliminating the need for numerous, time-consuming phone calls to track down customer deals.

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Full Service

We handle all DMV follow up and leg work so you can focus on your core business, selling more cars.

Improved Customer Loyalty

No-hassle, automated processes enable you to be a One-Stop-Shop enhancing the buyer processing and driving customer loyalty.

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Our Services

Ready to find out more?

If you're ready for a State-of-the-Art Title and Registration solution that enables you to close deals faster, drop us a line!  You'll have a single platform to create, upload and track all transactions all in one place and with no cost to you!

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